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We're your full-service partner, providing digital solutions for both monitoring and evaluation and developing M&E capacity within your organisation.

IMI is led by David Hearle who is well recognised as a world leader in Monitoring and Evaluation for International Development. A career that has seen him work for 39 years as a consultant for numerous development agencies in 31 countries. As a trainer David has conducted courses on Monitoring and Evaluation that have reached indviduals from 121 countries and continues with the highly successful series of online M&E courses David directs at the PME Academy in Australia.

IMI works in partnership with many organisations and individuals sourcing the world's best.  

For our work wih CAPI, dashboards and surveys are primary partner is UDA who provide to IMI significant IT support and statistical expertise. 

M&E Training


Our team works worldwide conducting surveys, developing M&E Systems and building capacity of individuals.

We specialise in International Development and only work in that space. 


M&E Digital Solutions

We turn blank screens into useful screens.

We build websites that work for you. Our solutions use the lateset technologies and very cost effective.

We build dashboards that display data in real time.

We analyse data, no matter how complex.


M&E online course

Building M&E Capacity 

We conduct M&E courses worldwide.

Our huge investment in training materials means we can provide design a bespoke course fast and effeciently.

Online M&E courses are available through the PME Academy


Our Process

Just reach out to us and we will hope you find the best most cost effective solution.

Long story short...

The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. 

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