M&E Systems

David and his team have been developing M&E systems for 39 years. We can help make your M&E system work for you and your stakeholders. And help with any part of the M&E System.

M&E Framework

Work with you to design the M&E Framework


Set up all the software and programs to run the M&E System

M&E Strategy

Together we develop and document the strategy

Building M&E Capacity

Train your staff in all areas of M&E and build capacity across the organisation

Data flow

Ensuring data flows work and deliver the information needed


Set up the M&E Reporting system

Our Promise

The job isn't done until you're seeing the promised results. Our team has worked on many M&E systems and we will ensure your system works for you.

Email us when you are ready david.hearle@impactmanagementinternational.com