Using our UDACAPI system we can set up any survey! And manage the whole survey or just support you. Our computer aided personal interview system is very cost effective.

Full CAPI Service

We can manage the full survey from concept to final report 

Setting up CAPI

You run the survey and we set up the CAPI software and provide technical support

Data Analysis

Need help analysing and reporting? Just ask and we can manage.

CAPI Training

Do it all yourself after we have trained you.


All done with the data collection and analysis! Need help with setting up a dashboard?


Take a more traditional approach and let us visit and work with you.

The CAPI Solution for International Development 

Our solution is UDACAPI. Everything is possible and every combination to suit you. 

We can do it all, or just part. We can do with annual ongoing support or set you up one time only.

We understand International Development funding and here to work with you for the best solution.

And we are very VALUE FOR MONEY orientated.

To learn a little more check out CAPI Video. 

Want to implement CAPI

Please tell us what you want and will respond. Trust us to offer you the best and most cost effective solution you will find!

Email us and we will come back to you